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TIS 2000 Opel Vauxhall V. 92.0G Eng-rus-bul




. 600hp mulier-senior. 2.2? dats. I made a few changes to the eng-spa-eng-honda.txt and Eng-rus-bul.txt files and it appeared to work on the SD card. But when I went back to the game, and was faced with the same problems again, I was hoping the file wouldn’t be corrupt or anything, but it was. So, my next attempt was to use the “1k” files. I think they are called that. They contain the ENGLISH language, and are 1 kilobyte in size. I put them on my SD card. When I went back to the game, I was unable to use the English menu. I could still type English in, though. I decided to see if I could type any of the other languages in. I chose a few, like Farsi, Russian, or Spanish. The data was saved, and I was able to get into the game, and select the language, and the game seemed to run fine. It seemed like this new method was working just fine, so I thought I would try and use some German and French. First, I made a copy of my ENG-DEU-ENG-SPE-ENG-UK.txt file. Then I went to my SD card and made a copy of the file. Then, I deleted the old ENG-DEU-ENG-SPE-ENG-UK.txt file, and copied the copy of the data from my SD card to the root directory of my SD card. I expected the game to then start off in German, or French, but it didn’t. So, I figured I would try to find a file that worked for German, Spanish, Russian, and the language I didn’t try, French, which was listed in the original files. I found a file that seemed to be a good choice called ENGL-FR-ENG-SPE-ENG-UK.txt. It had the ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, ENGISH, and the UK. So I copied this file, from my SD card, to the root of my SD card. To my surprise, it did work. I was able to enter German, Spanish, and Russian, as well as ENGLISH, and enter my menu as I was accustomed to. However, I was unable to



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TIS 2000 Opel Vauxhall V. 92.0G Eng-rus-bul
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