• Not for the faint-hearted, a few drops go a long way. But our fiery Hot Sauce is as fierce on flavour as it is on heat. So while it delivers a mighty kick, its fruit-fuelled zing lingers longer.



Lime juice, white wine vinegar, onions, peppers, hot chillies, garlic, mustard powder, salt.



Please note: allergens shown in bold.

Hot Sauce


    All our sauces are made in small, individually numbered batches, using only natural ingredients, so while you may notice slight fluctuations in heat and tiny differences in taste between batches, you'll never be disappointed by the quality or fabulous flavour. And you will never find artificial additives, preservatives or colourings in any of our sauces – because there aren't any. 

    Homegrown chillies, homemade sauces


    email: hello@chiswickchillies.co.uk

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