We grow chillies
We make chilli sauces

All are products are prepared in small, individually numbered batches from family recipes developed over many years.
We take pride in using only top-quality natural ingredients, and guarantee no artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives or fillers.


Our Story


It started with a few seeds and half a dozen plants on a south-facing window sill at our home in West London. Soon, we had a greenhouse – and more chillies than we knew what to do with.  


So, we started making hot sauces, and then ketchup, BBQ sauce and sweet chilli jellies. Soon followed relishes, jams and spicy herb rubs. Of course, we were making more than we could possibly consume, and happily shared with family and friends. But still we couldn't stop trying out new combinations, experimenting with different types of chilli for heat and flavour, and creating our own recipes using only natural ingredients, totally free from the artificial preservatives, sweeteners, fillers and flavourings of store-bought produce. 

And that's how Chiswick Chillies started.


We still grow chillies, and we still use what we grow – along with varieties sourced both locally and further afield. So, we hope you enjoy our sauces as much as we enjoy making them. 

Hot recipe ideas  


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